Lindsey Stirling Wikia
Lindsey Stirling Wikia
Lindsey Stirling
Writer(s) Lindsey Stirling
Peter Hanna
Taylor Bird
Producer(s) RUMORS
Released June 21, 2019
Length 4:24
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Artemis track listing
Underground (single)

"Underground" is the first track and single from Lindsey Stirling's fifth studio album, Artemis.

Live performances

Stirling performed Underground for the first time on June 27, 2019 at the San Diego County Fair in Del Mar, California.


Lindsey Stirling - Underground Acoustic Version (Billboard)

Stirling performing an acoustic live version of Underground for Billboard.


Underground was part of the setlist of the Artemis Tour during 2019.


  • The song is instrumental, meaning it has no lyrics.
  • Underground resulted from a short composition Stirling made for her freestyle dance with Mark Ballas at Dancing With The Stars.

Music video

The official YouTube video was released on June 21, 2019. The video featured Sofie Dossi, BDASH, and Miranda Wilking.

Music video Information
Underground_-_Lindsey_Stirling Released June 21, 2019
Length 4:12
Director Tom Teller
Producer Bryce Cyrier
Filmed 2019
YouTube views 10+ Million views

Behind the scenes

The behind-the-scenes video was released three months later, on September 27, 2019.


Underground - Behind the Scenes