Lindsey Stirling Wikia
Lindsey Stirling Wikia
Lindsey Stirling
Writer(s) Lindsey Stirling
Graham Muron
Producer(s) Graham Muron
Released September 6, 2019
Length 4:46
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Artemis track listing
"Between Twilight"

"Til the Light Goes Out" is the third track from Lindsey Stirling's fifth studio album, Artemis.


  • The song is mostly instrumental, Stirling confirmed during the BTS of the music video that it contains lyrics in a made-up language.

Music video

The official YouTube video was released on September 21, 2020.

The music video was filmed a day before Between Twilight.

Music video Information
Lindsey_Stirling_-_Til_The_Light_Goes_Out Released September 21, 2020
Length 5:28
Director Stephen Wayne Mallet
Lindsey Stirling
Producer Hans Boysen
Choreographer Jillian Meyers
Filmed February 2020
YouTube views 2,1M

Behind the scenes

The behind-the-scenes video was released on September 28, 2020.


Til The Light Goes Out - Behind The Scenes

Photoshoot by Kelly Balch