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Lindsey Stirling Wikia
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Lindsey Stirling
Writer(s) Lindsey Stirling
Producer(s) AFSHeeN
Released August 19, 2016
Length 4:35
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Brave Enough track listing
"Brave Enough"

"Lost Girls" is the first track from Lindsey Stirling's third studio album, Brave Enough.


Stirling stated the song is the follow up to Shatter Me. It’s mainly about finding oneself, and beginning a new story.

Stirling explains the full meaning of the song in the video below.


Track 1- Lost Girls


On the official booklet of Brave Enough, Stirling explained that every song represents a step "a step that has taken me from being a heartbroken lost girl, wishing for bravery, to a woman who is ready to answer the call of something wild."

About Lost Girls, Stirling stated:

"We are all, in a sense, lost. Life is about continuosly rediscovering ourselves and making the conscious choice not to hide from the hard emotions. It's the ones who've realized they are lost who will find their way."


Lost girls, lost girls find a way
Lost girls

Lost girls, lost girls find a way
Lost girls

Live performances

Lost Girls was part of the setlist of the Brave Enough Tour from 2016 to 2017.


Lost Girls (Live at the Brave Enough Tour)

Stirling performing Lost Girls on February 25, 2017.

Music video

The official YouTube video was released on May 11, 2017.

Music video Information
Lindsey_Stirling_-_Lost_Girls Released May 11, 2017
Length 4:50
Director Unknown
Filmed early 2017
YouTube views 8+ Million views

Behind the scenes

The behind-the-scenes video was released on May 12, 2017.


Lost Girls - Behind the Scenes


"Lost Girls"
"Brave Enough"
"The Arena"
"The Phoenix"
"Where Do We Go"
"Those Days"

"Hold My Heart"
"Don't Let This Feeling Fade"
"First Light"
"Love's Just a Feeling"
"Something Wild"
"Gavi's Song"

Bonus tracks:
"Forgotten Voyage"
Exclusive track via Pledge Music pre-order: