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Lindsey Stirling
Writer(s) Lindsey Stirling
Producer(s) SILAS
Released March 24, 2014
Length 4:11
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Shatter Me track listing
"Mirror Haus"
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"Beyond the Veil" is the first single of Lindsey Stirling's second studio album Shatter Me. The song was released on iTunes on March 24, 2014, and topped the Billboard Classical Digital songs chart for the first four weeks.

This single is the first in the track list of the twelve songs that conform her second studio album and, according to Stirling, it was the first song she composed on her album.

Live performances

Stirling performed Beyond the Veil for the first time on April 22, 2014, at Universal Studios in Los Angeles.

On May 18, Stirling perfomed Beyond the Veil at the Billboard Music Awards. And on September 23, Stirling performed the song at the Meredith Vieira Show.


Beyond The Veil (Live)

Stirling performing Beyond the Veil at the Brave Enough Tour.


Beyond the Veil was part of the setlist of the Shatter Me Tour, The Music Box Tour and the Brave Enough Tour from 2014 to 2017.


  • The song is instrumental, meaning it has no lyrics.

Music video

The official YouTube video was released on March 25, 2014. The video proved to be a success as it accumulated half a million views in its first day.

Music video Information
Beyond_The_Veil_-_Lindsey_Stirling_(Original_Song) Released March 25, 2014
Length 4:52
Director Joe Sill
Producer Everdream Pictures
YouTube views 33+ Million views

Behind the scenes

The behind-the-scenes video was released a week later, on March 31, where Stirling explained the message of the song and its composition.


Behind - Beyond the Veil


"Beyond the Veil"
"Mirror Haus"
"Shatter Me"
"Roundtable Rival"

"Night Vision"
"Take Flight"
"We Are Giants"
"Master of Tides"

Bonus tracks:
"Sun Skip"
Exclusive track via Pledge Music pre-order: